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first interview since reconciling with boyfriend robert pattinson clearly nervous she fimentd with her hands played with her ring and kicked legs back and forth throughout the entire 13 minute interview that was originally scheduled to last 30 minutes. >> what else would you lake to say. >> i don't know. >>reporter: to your fans on internet. >> i don't know whole half hour this is it. >>reporter: kristen sat did you know to promote the new relevant as the face of the fragrance. >> luckily i like the smell of the fragrance and don't have to the fragrance and don't have to lie about that. that's great
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♪ this week's rescue brings us to queen's new york, the home of the emanuel family. the dad is an nypd lieutenant. a couple years ago, he made sure their family got out safe. there are jobs left undone. it's what we are here to do today. >> hi. >> i'm denise. welcome to our home. >> i have been a police officer
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in the new york city police department for over 18 years now. it's been a great career so far. work on patrols, get a chance to interact with the community. i like being an officer. we have mutual friends. we play basketball together. one particular friday night, she was meeting her girlfriend and we are going catch a movie. she's hanging out with a friend, you to come along? we went to the movies and met denise. i think i gave you a ride home that night, right? >> yeah. >> she was just so taken by my
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charm. we hit it off from there. >> we have lived here since 2007? we have two girls, kayla is 2 and sasha is 4 months. >> in december, 2010, we had the fire in the house. denise was at work. kayla and i were home at the time, asleep upstairs. saw the smoke. the fire alarm started to go off. i heard banging outside. i knew, you know, we had to get out right away. the first thing i thought about was just make sure my daughter, you know, got out the house. make sure she was safe. i was trying to come back inside the house that fast. the fire ignited and engolfed
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the whole house. shock. you know, i was -- i couldn't believe it at first. i was like wow, my house. never experienced anything like this before in my life. seen fires and responded to fires where other people's property or houses. i could see the pain they were going through but you never really, i guess, can sympathize unless you personally go through it and that feeling, i will never forget. it was painful and shocking to see, you know, your own house, you know, on fire like that. well, the rebuilding process is tough. for lack of better word, it's tough. the whole process, dealing with
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contractors and. >> insurance companies. >> insurance companies and having to deal with the different dynamics of trying to get back into your home. it really takes a great deal of patience and sometimes that patience can be tried. >> first they are like oh, it's not terrible. i said we can do this house in six weeks. from december of 2010, we didn't move in until february, 2012. things weren't done. had to rely on dealing with it. you can ask me decorating things, but other than that, you deal with the rest. once we were in the clear and i was thinking about things, i said, you know, we still haven't done the basement. >> it's raw. i mean it's unfinished. it's pretty much a whole bunch
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of boxes down there now. basically, a storage facility. i would like to make it into so much more a place of when i come home or on weekends or days when i'm home, a place of relaxation. a man cave. >> he wants a man cave. >> you know, just somewhere to go where i can play, listen to music, watch television and just have relaxation time. just knowing that things are complete, the whole house is complete and it's a feeling that, okay, we have our whole house now. >> and i watch the show many times and i said well, that could be us. then we'd get it done. >> hey! what's up? how are you? >> good morning. >> good morning to you.
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i'm here to surprise you with good news. we're here to rescue you. >> thank you. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you have a house full of girls. you could use a little space to yourself now and then. >> once in awhile. >> just to decompress, to get away. family man. lieutenant in the nypd, you are a hero on so many fronts. to be able to come in here and do something for you. what you do for the city, your family and the community. it's me. i'm the one who is luck >> thank you. >> i do all the work for free. i just need a few hugs. ♪ helping us out with this rescue are matt wendorff and courtney. welcome to their basement. >> wow. >> it is a basement.
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it is full of boxes and stuff and washers and driers. we need to turn this into a man cave. >> we have to get to blank canvass. this is going to be about storage and spacemanagement. >> you can bring all the stuff out. my job, obviously is to -- >> bring stuff in. >> a style, like dark colors, kind of loungy, chic? it's going to look fantastic. >> first things first. we have to get the stuff out of here to get to work. >> yeah. >> all right. >> oh, gosh, it's heavier.
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all right, you want to help me carry this up? nice. >> i'll help you. >> all right. next. all cleared out. now, it is time. let's get it out of here, get our glasses. we have glasses here. let's get to work. all this dust, all the stuff you see floating around the air. it's the exact stuff you don't want breathing in your lungs and getting in your eyes. it's important to wear your safety glasses and your mask. all right, buddy. >> nice job, bud.
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>> demo is done. >> let's get this place back together. >> i always say the more hands the merrier. it's good to have glenn here. i understand you are a cabinet master. what can we do with this here? >> it's a big built-in case for storage. >> perfect. >> hammer some nails and get this souped up. what do you say? >> we are on. >> you have to love his smile. he's on board for the rescue. all right, this is definitely coming together. before we had a little box that was uncomfortable around the water heater. now, we are boxing out the entire side. >> that's right. that's right. >> what do we have? we are going with metal studs. we are in the basement and that's code? >> we are in the basement, it's for moisture. you have to have it where a
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boiler is located. you have to have the fire rated rock and a fire door. now, a great tip to make your life a thousand times easier when hanging dry wall, when the room is opened up and the studs are out. take a pencil and mark on the floor and ceiling where the studs are. that way when you are hanging the dry wall, you know exactly where to drive the screw. the wall is concrete. we have wallpaper up here. what are we putting on top of the concrete? >> quarter inch birch here. putting it on with glue. concrete fasteners. it will turn out nicely. >> it's going to be easier for the wallpaper to stick to the birch than the concrete. obviously, concrete is not easy to hit into. what we are using is a ram shot
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here. a gun powder charge. the nail, actually the bullet shoots it into the wall.
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you know, matt, it's crazy. when we walked out here, it was dark. now it feels light and open especially with the utilities boxed off. >> when you have a small space, it's important that everything has its place. by doing that, we have created more space in the basement. once we add the built-ins, tons
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of storage. >> before we thought with that project, we have to put the panel up. >> let's get the brushes. >> you brush, i'll roll. the idea is to turn the area into a man cave. kids are going to be down here playing, always having friends over. things are going to get on the wall. the beautiful thing about the benjamin moor aura is the durability, the walls can take a beating. you can wash off the marks and don't have to worry about the color coming off, too. all our built in pieces here, we have to decide which pieces go where and how it's going to come together. >> the moment of truth. >> right. >> you know? ♪ >> all right. backing it in. it is nice.
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having all this backing in here when we put the tvs in, you don't have to figure out where the studs are. this is like one giant stud. we have the built-in set up. time to get the components inside. >> good to see you. >> i am psyched to be here. after all, the audio video components are going to make this man cave. >> it's so special for him. i have cool stuff to show you. a little bit of what we are going to do and give you a lot of sound, light and action. i think you are going to love it. >> you are the technology whiz. show me the bells and whistles. >> let's go. george, in a man cave, it's not just about an ipad. it's about the experience.
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>> movie going experience. you can have that right here in your home. i can't imagine what watching a football game or baseball game or hockey game must be like. >> amazing. >> this definitely needs to go in a man cave. >> it definitely does. >> all right. construction is over. let's start decorating. we have vintage and modern. it's all s
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>> what do we have here? >> all right. so we have a bunch of new stuff. we have a bunch of vintage stuff. it will be cool to add a little personality, flavor. i love vintage. >> i love the old, the new. >> i don't have time to go
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totally flee market so i went online, went to one kings lane, it all arrived at my door and here we are. everybody needs a personal touch. i heard you like football. >> what man cave doesn't have a washroom? this one does. a new washer and drier from my guy appliance and electronics. what we are going to do is stack them in the closet. save a little bit of space. >> so, okay, do you think we could hang up the mirror, some of the roll and really, i feel like the bubble has to go. >> we are going to put the mirror right here. >> yep.
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>> george is the perfect hanger upper. >> don't drop it. >> watch your eyes. >> this is where you need safety glasses. this is not an easy mirror to hang. there's nothing to grab on to. >> turn it this way. >> where do you want it? is this the right height? 43, 21.5. >> a little higher. >> 41. >> all right. really, i thought this was the easy stuff. >> all right. we definitely got him his deejay stuff back. >> one button, three tvs, perfect. >> considering the small space we had to work with, i think it looks amazing. >> let's show them what we have done. >> go. >> let's do it.
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>> somebody like me, i make things pretty for a living. it's wonderful, but really not someplace where i'm putting my life on the line. to be able to give somebody who has such an intense job and who lays it all out there each and every day gives me so much pleasure to give a little bit of me back to them. when he gets home, he can just chill out with his family or his friends and watch a game, play music and i'm grateful i could be part of it. >> so, when george called me and told me about lee and denise, i felt like i needed to be part of this thing. not only is lee a hard working guy, but denise wanted to do something special for him and build his man cave. it's something, as a father, i would always want. the kids are going to love it
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down there. i'm the meteorologist with the hurricane sandy update. some of sandy's first bands of heavy rain moving in across the eastern shore. we got the east out in advance of this landfall. right now getting some heavy rain. you see in the yellow and i'm getting some light to moderate rain all across northern virginia. the district is move our way. it still remains a huge hurricane and it's continuing to spin off off to our east and it is now beginning to take a track to the north. winds inland. anywhere between, oh, just north of ocean city toward perhaps long island. the zone is narrowing. these are the winds. these areas of wind extend all of the way out from the center and we'll have the tropical
2:31 am
storm-force winds in this afternoon and evening and then near hurricane-force winds by late this evening and on into very early tuesday morning. that's where we'll have most of our power outages and perhaps winds coming down as well as a lot of flooding moving through. i'll be back in another half hour with another update. stay tuned at nbc 4. we'll keep you posted.i think we a special room. but, you know, family and we want to make sure to take care of all of you. open up those doors there. i would like to see what you think of your new laundry room. >> okay. >> oh, this is so nice. >> yeah. >> yes! you like it? it's nice, right? all right. >> all right.
2:32 am
>> there's three tvs. >> three tvs, all controlled with an ipad. everything isne touch. you can control the tv, the blu-ray, you name it, it's all set up. >> it's phenomenal. i would never have thought it would look like this. the bookshelf is phenomenal. three televisions. i can watch all the football games and basketball that i want now. to look at the basement and the way it was done, it's something we can all enjoy. it's so comfortable down here. i know i'm going to enjoy it. you can tell a lot of thought was put into the creation of what was done down there. >> you are all taken care of my friend. thank you. thanks for taking care of all of us. you now have a comfortable place
2:33 am
to hang out and watch the games, make music and enjoy the family. >> thank you, again, george. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you, george.
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this morning on "meet the press," just nine days to go. a special focus on the battleground states where this election will be won. the final push has president obama and governor romney fire storming seven critical states across the country in the hunt for 270 electoral votes. is argument -- >> unemployment is falling. manufacturing is coming back. >> the passion. this is an election about big things. about big choices. >> and the ground game. the critical effort to deliver key voting groups to the polls. this morning, we hear about it all from key figures on the ground.
2:35 am
all important ohio. can romney win the white house without it? we'll ask the state republican governor, john casic. wisconsin governor scott walker and colorado's democratic governor, john. analysis on what will tip the scales in this tight presidential race. from the round table, from msnbc, rachel maddow, new york times columnist david brooks, washington post columnist, former ceo of hewlett packard, carly. our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. announcer: from nbc news in washington, "meet the press" with david gregory. good morning on this sunday. as if it wasn't enough to have this tight race, we have
2:36 am
inically mat weather bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a superstorm. it could affect 50 million people along the east coast. we have all of this covered including the political ramifications of the storm in the coming days. we are nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury bark on the new jersey shore where we go through the latest, including what you were talking about. we could see the aftereffects through election day. >> exactly, david. this is a monster storm. right now, it's about 260 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras but it's also 395 miles east of new york city. it is a sprawling system. tropical force winds extend out 500 miles from the center of the storm. this is 1,000 miles in diameter. it's making its way along the coast. right now, it's a category 1 storm.
2:37 am
it's going to parallel the coast for 24 hours. late monday night, early tuesday morning, the path of the storm brings it on shore in central coastal new jersey. the worst part of the storm is the northeast quadrant. that northeast quadrant, if it follows this path, we expect it to will put it in line for coastal new jersey, new york city connecticut, new england. the storm surge is going to be anywhere from five to ten feet above normal tide. it's going to come in at an ast nom cal high tide as well. add a rainfall from anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of rain. they are going to have coastal flooding, flooding inland and the wind, there are high wind warnings, we are talking from virginia up to boston and as far west as west virginia. we are talking 60 million people. because of the high winds, we expect massive power outages throughout the area.
2:38 am
as it moves on shore, it's going to be long term. it's going to last 72 hours. we are talking people who could be without power for at least ten days. that, as you know, will take it into election day. what will people do if they can't get to the voting booth or the voting booths don't have power? it's going to be a mess over the next 72 hours. david? >> al roker, thank you very much. we'll be watching that. don't forget early voting going on as well. we want to bring in chuck todd. we have our october surprise now. it's hurricane sandy. as we get closer to election day, identify for me the two or three states you think we ought to be focusing on. >> it's obvious. look at the battleground map here. all the states in yellow are the final seven states. if you look at the candidates schedule, it tells us everything. where the candidates are going tells us where they think this schedule is.
2:39 am
the storm reeked havoc. the president canceled virginia events tomorrow. canceled colorado tuesday and wisconsin tuesday, depending on the impact of the storm also canceled. you can see the emphasis of where he wants to be over 72 hours, florida, ohio and wisconsin. he wanted to be in virginia and colorado. let's look at governor romney's schedule. it's ohio today. it was supposed to be virginia today, but he moved all of those events to ohio because of the storm. look where he's spending monday. it's the midwest. it's where they feel they have to pick off a couple states. it's not just ohio. it's ohio plus something else. >> as i talked to the romney campaign, they were emphasizing this momentum. they feel the debates gave him a second look to carry him through election day. obama folks, look at the electoral map map. we could be in for quite a finish if they are both right.
2:40 am
>> they are both right. we talked the popular vote. polling out today, if you look at the president's lead for instance on the west coast in california, the lead has been cut in half. i have done back to the envelope map. romney makes up 6 million, 7 million, 8 million votes. he could pick up a bunch of votes in the non-battleground states. go to the battleground. i'll show how easy it is. if you take today's polls, the president is winning in virginia. wisconsin is on the ground. it leans toward the president. now you give him new hampshire and he sits at 270. that's giving romney ohio, florida and iowa and colorado. that's this issue of the battleground versus the popular. >> more to come from chuck todd. thank you very much. i want to get to the battleground governors.
2:41 am
rachel maddow is here from msnbc. carly fiorina. david baracrooks from "the washington post." i feel it's going to be dominated by the economy. it can tip the scales. we have seen an argument from the president that is about trust. this is how he lays it out against governor romney. >> there's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. trust matters. you know, you want to know that the person who is applying to be your president and commander and chief is trustworthy. that he means what he says. that he's not just making stuff up depending on whether it's convenient or not. >> how is he using that argument to advance that cause? you cannot trust what you are going to get to lead to economic recovery? >> i think the president is -- as the race gets narrower and
2:42 am
narrower, we focus on smaller and smaller places and voters. it's a very resonant argument. we are talking the economy in the midwest, in ohio. on the integrity issue, the trust issue, romney went to defiance, ohio and told a group of 11,000 people jeep is about to move all of their production overseas. i read that somewhere. not at all true. it's okay to make a flub, but not to correct it. they asked are you sure he meant that? no response clearing that up. there's been a truthfulness problem that connects the economy in the states that matter. >> carly, you have governor romney not focusing on trust. do you want another four years like we have had. >> this is not the time to double down and trickle down on
2:43 am
policies that failed us. it's time for bold changes that measure up to the moment and bring america's families up that the future will be better than the past. >> rachel brings up a good point focusing on ohio. 7% unemployment in that state. how much credit does the president deserve for improving conditions in battleground states? >> that important state has a republican governor that's done the opposite of what obama claims he's going to do. he's lowered taxes and closed budge elt deficits. i find the trust comment hard. president obama promised we would have 4.2% economic growth right now. we have 2%. he promised an unemployment rate lower than we have. on the issue of trust, what is going on with regard to libya. we have an extraordinary thing where the president comes out on friday and says i directed that
2:44 am
everything possible should be done to aid our embassy under attack. that attack went on for seven hours. secretary of defense saying he denied requests for help over that seven hours. >> we'll get to that later. >> but it's a trust issue. >> on the economy, how does it tip the scales, david brooks? >> i think it's been the worst campaign i have ever covered. they are both ending where they started. obama doing a negative campaign. he's got an ad out about romney and the flip-flop and what we have heard. it's almost pure negativity. romney is trying to appeal to moderates and women, which is a bipartisan ad saying i don't care if it's a republican or democrat idea, i'm for that. you know, he has -- it's not who he is or what his policies are. i regard it as a campaign that's not addressed these issues.
2:45 am
they are finishing as badly as they started. >> i disagree, david. i think the trust issue links with the economic issue. it's a product. like if you are selling the car, you want air-conditioning, i'll give you that. you want rich, remember all that, i'll give you that. romney is saying you want that, i'll give you that. you want sen tryst, i'll give you that. the auto rescue is a good example where he was against it. in the debate, trying to suggest he was for it. it's entirely appropriate that the auto rescue has been so important to obama doing so well in ohio. it's a choice. either government should sit by and let the market do its thing or govern comes in and prevents catastrophe. it's the kind of choice we face. >> if you want trust, what obama is talking about on the trail. first of all, there's no second term agenda.
2:46 am
when he goes off the record, he gives out an agenda that's nothing like what he's been talking about on the trail. >> it's not true at all. >> immigration. he's talked immigration reform which he's not talked about much in public. cutting $2.50 for every tax dollar in revenue. it's not what he's been running. >> if you want to talk about being factually accurate, it's factually inaccurate to say governor romney was against the rescue of the auto industry. if you read his op-ed, you are journalist, you believe words are important. what he says is he believes the government should have provided financial guarantees. the difference between governor romney and president obama is who gets to stand first in line to get paid off. >> money in the market that was going to go into the auto industry. >> that's what he said in the
2:47 am
op-ed. >> what government -- >> hold on. rachel, quick comment, then get back to chuck. >> he said you can kiss the auto motive industry good-bye if he goes with the plan he went with. it was a success. mr. romney is trying to deny he was against it and trying to take credit for it. >> ford motor company was not rescued. >> they were appraifraid the su chain would go out. >> we'll have more on the economy as we move around. i'm about to talk to john casic in ohio. these themes are perfectly in his house because it's what is going to decide ohio. before we do that, i think it would be interesting because we talk so much about ohio, how do you win the campaign. i want to bring chuck back in. we have a poll out of ohio, 49-49. the race is tight.
2:48 am
this was before the final debate. take a moment here to take us through how each side wins this state. >> the joke is, it's five states within one state. the five ohios. the romney pattern, run up the score in cold country, it's what bush did in '04. win columbus media market an '04 bush territory. for the president, run up the store in cleveland, cuyahoga county and overperform with working class white guys in the auto belt, if you will. if you are looking at one county that may tell us more than anything, sit over here and we are going to hamilton county. look at this. it's as easy of a swing county as it was. bush in '04. obama by 30,000. it's why romney spent a lot of time in cincinnati this week. now let's turn to the republican
2:49 am
governor of ohio, governor casic. good to have you on the program. >> good to listen to that big debate going on. >> we are going to get you in on it, too. >> wow. >> it's nice to start with a little bit of a chuckle before we get into the serious issues. this was the cleveland dealer on thursday. here is his cartoon that i thought was so telling. it's the martian landing thing, take me to your leader. the guy says they are somewhere in ohio. as you well know, everybody is in ohio. i want to ask you the direct question, governor. you have 7% unemployment. it's better than the national average. who deserves credit for that? the president, you as the republican governor or neither one of you? >> well, you know, david, it's probably the job creators. we are up 112,000 jobs. how did we get there?
2:50 am
we made ohio a state for business attraction and expansion. we balanced our budget. we run a half billion dollars on a rainy day fund. regulators use common sense. when you do all that in a state within 600 miles in 60% of the country and great diversity among people, we just rlly cleared the way for people to feel confident that they could invest here. you know, i'm interested in the auto debate. you know, of 112,000 jobs created, according to the bureau of labor statistics, in america, they are the vatican. you can't question them. the bureau of labor statistics says we were up a total of 400 auto jobs when you count the companies and suppliers. of the 400 jobs up, 400 is great. we are thrilled. we have a strong auto industry. we want it to be stronger. but it doesn't account for the growth of 112,000 jobs in our state. >> one out of eight jobs in your
2:51 am
state affiliated with the auto industry. if the president had not pursued his bailout plan, do you think the state would be in the same economic condition today? >> i'm glad the auto industry is strong. i don't know anybody who didn't think it needed to be saved. i will tell you, there's no way i would support anybody that didn't support the auto industry. in the last quarter, the most significant area of growth in ohio is investment technology. i.p. we have groan financial services. we have grown health care. look, there's been significant investment by auto companies in ohio. they are reducing their footprint. i wish we could get more here. i just met with the delphi team trying to get more business there. but, i mean, let's be fair about this. the fact is, the bureau of labor statistics said when you take everything into account, companies and suppliers we are
2:52 am
up 400 jobs. we did not grow by relying on one industry or one sector. we have done it by diversifying ohio and making it safe for people to come in here. i called ceos in other states and they are interested in what we are doing here. there are no surprises coming. when there are no surprises, investors and business people, job creators think it's safe to go there. the proof is in the pudding. >> let me ask you about unemployment. whoever is responsible for the success in ohio, governor romney doesn't seem impressed. this is what he said speaking earlier this month to the columbia dispatch review board. i don't think 7.2% unemployment is something to write home and about celebrate. if you consider the 200 plus people who dropped out of the work force in ohio, the real number is closer to 10%. i don't find people thinking happy days are here again. what about unemployment nationally. what should we expect under president romney, if it comes to
2:53 am
that? >> first of all, in terms of the unemployment numbers and who is in and who is out, i mean, i'm always concerned about what the numbers really mean. what i do know is over the last four years, we lost 400,000 jobs. since january of '11, we are up 112,000 jobs. we are outperforming every other state in the midwest. if it's significant, why is it we are outperforming michigan and why it is that ohio is number one in the midwest and number four in the country? in terms of romney, look, what i want out of a president is stability. look, small businesses get paralyzed. if they don't know what the regulations are or the taxes are going to be, if they don't know what they are going to do with debt and what the people in washington are going to do, they sit on the sidelines. i want certainty. i think there's ways to get an agreement in washington. it doesn't have to mean higher rates. it can mean lower rates.
2:54 am
>> governor -- >> they will grow. what will we get out of him? a movement toward a balanced budget. stabilization of taxes and for some, a tax cut. regulators that use common sense and not overdue it. we have strong regulations on oil and gas. the toughest in the country. we don't overdo it. when people understand certainty, they invest. this is not theory. i was in business for ten years. we had a lot of people that had never been in business their entire lifetime. they don't understand it. i do understand it. when they are confident of the future, they can invest. there's a lot of money on the sidelines. if romney wins, i think we'll see an improved economy. that's why i'm for him. i want ohio to do better than we are. >> an attack line from the president is that romney is not one of us. that's what's running in his
2:55 am
ads. it's supporting auto workers in your state. here is an editorial last sunday. the question is, which romney are voters going to get? which romney would they elect. the liberal one who ran for senate in '94, the pragmatic governor, the candidate of this year's gop primary? all politicians change positions over time. his changes raise questions over his core principles and make the details all the more troubling. would he stand-up to his own party, especially house republicans who undercut ohioan john boehner's attempts. how do you respond to that? >> look at his record. the guy created jobs. he's a job creator. we need that. jobs are the greatest moral issue when people are working, families are stronger. number two, he was governor of massachusetts. they went from deficits to
2:56 am
surpluses from job loss to job creation. then you look at the olympics where he was a pure leader. look at his history. it tells you who he is. he's pragmatic, no question about it. he's also tough, firm and understands job creation. in terms of people not getting him, the first debate, i have never seen a debate have this much impact. the first debate gave people the chance to see, romney is smart, he knows this and that but he doesn't get me. in the first debate, i believe he was able to connect with people. they said you know, maybe he does get me. that was an important part of why there's momentum in the state of ohio right now. i believe right now we are currently ahead. internal show is currently ahead. honestly think romney is going to carry ohio. i have not been saying this. i believe it's going to happen. >> governor, there's 15 seconds left. technical question. do you think we are going to know the outcome of ohio on election night?
2:57 am
provisional ballots could become an issue that take additional time to be counted. what do you say? >> it's going to be really close, david. the only thing i can say is i hope you keep talking about ohio and all those folks that want to create jobs, come see me. >> do you think we'll know the winner of ohio on election night? >> i don't know. it's going to be very close. i think we will know before the end of the night. i tell you something, the independent voters are trending heavily toward mitt romney. with those numbers like that, it pretty well assures me we are going to know. i'm not sure it's going to be as close as we are talking about today. i'm not saying it for spin. it's what i believe. >> governor, good to have you on. >> always good to be with you, david. thank you. >> we are going to take a quick break and get reaction to the governor from our round table and look inside the voting groups that will decide the race. nine days to go.
2:58 am
that's it. we are inside the battleground. joining in on the conversation, governor of colorado and the wisconsin governor. we'll go inside those battlegrounds as well after a break. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america
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3:01 am
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back with our roundtable, i want to talk about some of the demographics that play in the campaign. but i think the economy and ohio as you heard from governor racic is really what the debate is at. what did you take away from that rachel. >> i think what's interesting is what's happened in ohio politics. looking at john kasich, the last tyke i heard him talk that much uninterrupted was over union rights. they stripped union rights there was a huge backlash in the state. there was a referendum, they lost by 22 points. were trying to get rid of half ofa

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